Benefits of the Push-out Score™

The Push-out Scoring System™ is a powerful tool to assess a turnover event.

  • Objective. The Push-out Scoring System is based on publicly available primary sources (press releases, regulatory filings, biographical information), objective facts (stock performance data) and verified information from secondary sources. The Push-out Score offers objective insight.
  • Comprehensive. The Push-out Scoring System is based on nine different criteria and samples a variety of perspectives. The Push-out Score gives a comprehensive overview.
  • Unbiased. The Push-out Scoring System skates over unreliable and unverifiable sources (e.g., “people familiar with the matter”). The Push-out Score is designed to give unbiased information.
  • Verifiable. The Push-out Scoring System is transparent and leads to comprehensible results. The Push-out Score is verifiable.
  • Proven. The Push-out Scoring System has been extensively tested on more than a thousand individual cases before its first publication. In the past five years alone, we have assessed more than 1,200 CEO departures from publicly traded U.S. companies with Push-out Scores and publicly disclosed the results. Our research stands up to outside scrutiny and meets the requirements of our readers and customers. The Push-out Score is a proven method.
  • Quick. The Push-out Scoring System is easy to use and offers a pragmatic way to assess management changes. Experienced professionals can achieve robust results within the shortest time and go into more details later. The Push-out Score is quickly available.
  • Flexible. The Push-out Scoring System is an open and adaptable system designed to fit the needs of various types of users. The Push-out Score is flexible to use.

Limitations of the Push-out Score

Push-out Score™