Who leaves? Why? So what?

exechange is an independent research provider widely recognized as an important voice on executive changes.

exechange tracks executive movements and provides the financial communities with analysis and data that can’t be found anywhere else.

exechange publishes weekly reports on capital market-relevant executive changes. With special focus on facts, figures and form. Without fear or favor. Firm but fair.

The next exechange report will be published on Monday.

  • We focus on the way a leader is leaving.
  • We watch out for push-out forces.
  • We determine the Push-out Score™.

Forced or voluntary departure? The Push-out Score is the number you need to know.

We help our readers make prudent decisions, reduce risk and benefit from enhanced transparency.

Our readers include personnel professionals, global executive search and leadership consulting firms, executive coaching companies, management consulting firms, event-driven investment managers, corporate governance experts, private equity firms, banks and corporations.

Our readers require comprehensive information about the reason for the management change and details regarding the executive-firm fit.

Our coverage universe includes the 3,000 largest publicly held companies incorporated in the U.S. based on market capitalization.

The Push-out Scoring System has been extensively tested on more than thousand individual cases before its first publication. In the past twelve months alone, we have assessed more than 500 cases and publicly disclosed the results.

The Push-out Score on a scale of 0 to 10 gauges the likelihood that a manager was pushed out or felt pressure to leave the position.

The model is based on academic research on executive turnover, proprietary algorithms and a text corpus containing thousands of management changes.

The Push-out Score was featured by The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, The Times, NBC News, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, Vedomosti, Börsen-Zeitung and Stanford University.

NBC News explains the Push-out Score in this video and concludes:

“So when it comes to the high-stakes world of top executive gigs, you may be able to fool humans with vague press releases and beefed-up resumes, but you can’t fool the algorithm.”