Progyny CEO David Schlanger leaves his post

  • Push-out Score determined
  • After about five years in the position
  • Praise for Schlanger
  • Pete Anevski taking over
  • Schlanger will remain as Executive Chairman at Progyny
  • Schlanger made a lengthy statement and said 243 words

(exechange) — New York, November 4, 2021 — David Schlanger, chief executive of Progyny, leaves his position. As announced by Progyny Inc. in a news release and in a regulatory filing published on Thursday, November 4, 2021, David Schlanger leaves his post as chief executive officer at the benefits management company specializing in fertility and family building benefits products, after about five years in the role, effective January 1, 2022.

David Schlanger’s duties as CEO will be taken over by Pete Anevski, currently President and Chief Operating Officer at Progyny Inc.

Michael Sturmer, currently Progyny’s Chief Growth and Strategy Officer, will become President.

“Time and flexibility to pursue some outside personal interests”

David Schlanger’s departure from the CEO post is explained as follows. Schlanger said: “Today’s announcement represents the natural progression in roles and responsibilities for Pete, Michael and me, and in many ways, reflects how we have already been collaborating and working together as leaders of Progyny. As we conclude the most successful selling season in Progyny’s history, I believe this is an opportune time to implement this transition, which will ensure seamless continuity in the day-to-day management of the business. In becoming Executive Chairman, I will be able to focus on those areas where I can continue to make the most impact to Progyny’s ongoing growth and expansion, such as strategy and new business development, while also providing me with the time and flexibility to pursue some outside personal interests.”

Schlanger will remain as Executive Chairman at Progyny

“The company is announcing several transitions on its leadership team that will take effect as of January 1, 2022.  David Schlanger, who has served as Progyny’s CEO for the past 5 years, will transition to the role of Executive Chairman, and Dr. Beth Seidenberg, who is currently the Chairperson, will transition to the role of Lead Independent Director on the company’s board,” Progyny said.


Progyny said: “On November 4, 2021, Progyny, Inc. (the “Company”) announced that David Schlanger plans to transition to the role of Executive Chairman, effective as of January 1, 2022, and will continue to serve as a director of the Company.”

Share price increase since November 2020

The announcement follows an increase in Progyny Inc.’s share price of 148% since November 2020.

In the position of CEO since 2017

David Schlanger became CEO of the Company in 2017.

David Schlanger has served as the Company’s Chief Executive Officer since January 2017 and on the Company’s board of directors since March 2017.

From August 2013 until September 2016, he served as the Chief Executive Officer of WebMD, an online provider of information relating to health and well-being.

Prior to that, he served as the Interim Chief Executive Officer and in various other senior executive positions at WebMD and predecessor companies for more than 15 years, including as Senior Vice President, Strategic and Corporate Development and Senior Vice President, Corporate Development.

Schlanger received his B.S. from Georgetown University and his J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School.

Push-out Score determined

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