KPN CEO Maximo Ibarra leaves

  • Push-out Score determined
  • After less than a year and a half in the position
  • Words of regret and good wishes for Ibarra
  • Search for a successor
  • Ibarra kept it short and said 38 words

(exechange) — Rotterdam, Netherlands, June 25, 2019 — Maximo Ibarra, chief executive of KPN, leaves. As announced by Koninklijke KPN NV in a news release on Tuesday, June 25, 2019, Maximo Ibarra, Chief Executive Officer, leaves the Dutch telecoms company after less than a year and a half in the role, effective September 30, 2019.

KPN will undertake a search for a successor.

“For pressing family reasons”

Maximo Ibarra’s departure from the CEO post is explained as follows. “Maximo Ibarra resigns for pressing family reasons and will move back to Italy where he will take up a new executive position. He will continue the next three months to work towards an effective transfer of his duties to a successor, yet to be identified.”

“His resignation is unrelated to the network outage experienced yesterday,” KPN said.

Precise information regarding Maximo Ibarra’s future plans was not immediately available.

Reuters reported that Ibarra is set to become the chief executive of Comcast’s Sky Italia, citing two sources close to the matter.


KPN said: “Maximo Ibarra resigns as CEO. He has given notice of termination of his contract, effective 30 September 2019.”

Share price increase since June 2018

The announcement follows an increase in Koninklijke KPN N.V.’s share price of 17 percent since June 2018.

Chaired by Duco Sickinghe

Koninklijke KPN N.V. is chaired by Duco Sickinghe.

Sickinghe was (re)appointed as a member of the Supervisory Board on April 18, 2018 and has chaired the Supervisory Board since April 15, 2015. His current (second) term of office ends in 2022. He is chair of the Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee and a member of the Strategy & Organization Committee and the Remuneration Committee.

In the position of CEO since 2018

Maximo Ibarra (1968) was appointed as chairman of the Board of Management and Chief Executive Officer on April 18, 2018.

Ibarra is renowned for his experience in digitalization, marketing and customer centricity.

Ibarra previously worked for the Italian company Wind Telecommunications where he served as CEO from 2012 onwards.

From 2016, as CEO of Wind Tre, he was responsible for the integration of the 50/50 joint venture between the Italian telecommunications activities of VEON (Wind Telecommunications) and CK Hutchison (3 Italia).

Ibarra joined Wind Telecommunications in 2004 and served in a number of leadership roles until his appointment as CEO in 2012.

Prior to joining Wind Telecommunications, Ibarra held several leadership and commercial positions at a number of companies including Benetton, FIAT and DHL.

In the early days of his career he held several marketing related roles at Vodafone Italy and Telecom Italia.

Ibarra has studied politics and economics at the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, Italy.

He also attended various postgraduate courses at leading academic institutions (London Business School, INSEAD, Singularity University, STOA’ Business School).

In addition, he was Professor of Marketing and Digital Marketing at the Luiss University & Business School in Rome.

Ibarra is a member of the Supervisory Board of Mediobanca (Italy).

Push-out Score determined

The Push-out Score™ determined by exechange gauges the pressure surrounding the management change on a scale of 0 to 10.

exechange reached out to KPN and offered the company the opportunity to comment on the score.

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