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50% of departing CEOs are pushed out

  • In-depth analysis of 1093 CEO departures in the U.S. from the past four years
  • Around 2.1% of CEOs left with a specific reference to misconduct allegations
  • Female CEOs have been found to be more likely to be pushed out than male CEOs
  • CEOs of companies in the energy, consumer discretionary and consumer staples sectors are feeling the heat

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Push-out Score™: The number you need to know

Who took the initiative? What triggered the move? Bad executive-firm match? Reluctant or happy to leave? Forced or voluntary departure? Performance-induced change? How intense was the pressure? Who turned their back on whom? More than one reason for the change? And why now? When a top manager leaves, many questions arise. exechange gets closer to the answer. Why did the top manager leave?

  • Reported reasons for departures are often not reliable.
  • Firms are not required to reveal the true reason for a departure.
  • An announced retirement may simply be a euphemism for a firing.

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