Sanmina CEO Jure Sola hands over to Bob Eulau

  • After almost 27 years on the job
  • Accolades, praise and thanks for Sola
  • Sola will remain as Executive Chairman at Sanmina
  • Sola spoke at length and said 83 words

(exechange) — San Jose, California, July 06, 2017 — Jure Sola, chief executive of Sanmina, hands over the reins. As announced by Sanmina Corporation in a news release on Thursday, July 06, 2017, Jure Sola leaves the post as Chief Executive Officer at the electronics manufacturing services provider after almost 27 years on the job, effective October 02, 2017.

It is the end of an era.

Sola’s duties are taken over by Bob Eulau, currently Chief Financial Officer at Sanmina Corporation.

“A perfect time”

The management change is explained as follows. Jure Sola said: “Bob and I have collaborated for the last eight years and he has been instrumental in the successful transformation of Sanmina, making this a perfect time for him to become Sanmina’s next Chief Executive Officer.”

Sola will remain as Executive Chairman at Sanmina

Jure Sola, Co-founder, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer will assume the role of Executive Chairman on October 2, 2017.

“Sola will focus his time on supporting Eulau by interacting with current and prospective customers and advising on the strategic direction of the Company,” Sanmina said.

Share price rise since January 2016

The change follows a rise in the share price of Sanmina Corporation since January 2016.

On the job as CEO since 1991

Jure Sola has served as Sanmina’s Chief Executive Officer since April 1991, as Chairman of Sanmina’s Board from April 1991 to December 2001 and from December 2002 to present, and Co-Chairman of Sanmina’s Board from December 2001 to December 2002.

In 1980, Sola co-founded Sanmina Corporation and initially held the position of Vice President of Sales.

In October 1987, he became Vice President and General Manager of Sanmina Corporation, responsible for manufacturing operations and sales and marketing.

In July 1989, Sola was elected as a director and in October 1989 was appointed as President of Sanmina Corporation.

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