Standpoint: Words on the gold scale

By Daniel Schauber *

Is it okay to put every word on the gold scale?

The Push-out Score analysis model does just that. For good reason. The words used in corporate announcements are usually carefully selected by communication professionals. They are also refined in lengthy coordination meetings, often involving lawyers. And they are aimed at a linguistically competent audience.

For correct weighing, these honed words do not belong on the truck scale, but on the finest measuring device.

The superficial observer may have the impression that corporate announcements consist of hollow words and randomly compiled text modules (which can sometimes even be the case). But a CEO change is one of the most critical events in a company’s history. That is why corporate communications professionals choose every word with meticulous care.

For the knowledgeable reader, it is clear that there is a small but subtle difference whether the outgoing CEO is wished “continued success,” “the best of luck” (they might need it) or nothing at all for the future.

What does the chairman say at the end, what does the outgoing CEO say? Deafening silence sometimes weighs more than a thousand words.

* The writer is the owner of the research firm exechange.